Hired Adam to represent me in a highly contested complicated case which turned out to be extremely long (over 2 years) and eventually went all the way to trial. Every step of the way Adam and his team showed professionalism and genuine concern for my case. They explained the process clearly to me and responded quickly whenever I had questions. Adam went above and beyond preparing me for trial which put me at ease during testimony. In the end, the judge found the case in my favor awarding me as the primary custodial parent of our child!


Adam helped me gain custody of my daughter, during a critical time. Her mother was using and very self destructive. We structured a parenting plan and everything was beyond expectation. The Shapiro team handle everything with the utmost professionalism.


Adam helped me with a last minute hearing with only 2 hours notice. He had an attorney present by my side at the hearing. He was an extremely articulate and intelligent litigator. And truly cares about helping clients with difficult family law cases.


Chalk another one up for the Grandparents in Washington State! Adam Shapiro won my case hands down and got me full custody of my grandson. His advice to me from the very first phone call was exceptional and his knowledge of Family Law was unfaltering. He took me under his wing, navigated me through the process and after an agonizing year won my case!
I was up against an army of dishonest people and a mountain of declarations that were proven false.

That mountain crumbled to ashes once Adam was at the helm. I highly recommend Adam Shapiro for Family Case Law. He ended the chaos that plagued my 3 yo grandson. Third Party Non Parental Custody was granted 7/25/14. I am overwhelmed with gratitude!


From the first conversation I had with Adam, I felt an immediate trust. He claimed he felt I had a case in spite of the typical low % chance of success my case (ie. sealing records). As we progressed, we ran into a few roadblocks which required IMMEDIATE action in a timely fashion from Adam. He responded quickly (within hours) and was able to assist with the challenge. When it came to articulating himself in court, I felt he spoke every word I would have and then some when presenting to the court. He was prepared with proper law associated with my case and expressed all the arguments in an organized, easy to understand fashion. When he rebuttled opposing counsel, it was obvious he had listened attentively and was able to respond with influencing comments for the court to hear. In the end, Adam was successful for which I am forever grateful. Should I need for an attorney in the future, I will work with Adam again.


I have to reiterate the positive comments other reviewers have said about Adam. My family and I are grateful Adam defended our case. Like others, my case was complex (involving myself and other defendants), unusual, and last minute. In only week, Adam was able to review large amounts of information, communicate with other lawyers in the case, and construct a solid defense from many angles based on evidence and his strong knowledge of the law. To complicate matters more, I live out of state and most of our communications were handled effectively and professionally through email. During the process, Adam was compassionate to work with and dedicated to our success. In court, he fought aggressively, won several key motions along the way, and ultimately won the case with a dismissal by the court. Adam has my highest recommendation, and my family's deepest appreciation for all he did for us.


Adam did the greatest job to solve our entangled situation caused by a dramatic CPS caseworker, who accused us based on false allegations. Adam proved CPS's accusation false and convinced the judge to dismiss the case. At that time, he was a state lawyer, so his work was even more remarkable. He was not doing it out of money: He worked genuinely from his heart, passion, and a great sense of justice. Even today, I appreciate his time, effort, compassion. He is one of the best attorneys that I have ever met in my life. Thank you, Adam for rescuing us!


Adam was a great resource for us when we were deailing with CPS. He gave us honest cadid advice and helped us get through a very stressful situation. He seemed to really enjoy his work and had an honesty about him uncommon in lawyers. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a good lawyer. He knows the laws very well and he is very personable-you get the feeling he really cares about his clients and their cases.


I learned of a petition to the court for a restraining order against me, but was never served, with the petitioner seeking a default judgement against me. Despite having only six days before the court date and an existing case load, Adam worked swiftly to prepare our response so we could keep this date rather than a continuance. This helped in the case, as the petitioner wasn't expecting me to be there. As other reviewers have said, Adam was very compassionate and really took time with me to understand all aspects of my situation. He was masterful at distilling a large amount of information to only those facts that pertained to the petition, resulting in a ruling in our favor.


Adam was very straight forward and easy to work with in a difficult matter for our family. We had a very short time to react to this matter(6 business days) and he made us his priority(worked the weekend). He is a lawyer who cares, works hard and is honest.


Adam represented me in my divorce. This was a difficult time during which I was overwhelmed by the process needed to get to the other side of this mountain. When I first met with Adam, I appreciated his compassionate but calm, matter-of-fact way of presenting the steps required as well as the different approaches that could be taken.

Once I had the information, it still took me a few months to be ready to dive into the process but when I was ready, I felt that Adam made everything very easy and we were able to take off where we had left off. He took a very personalized approach including coming up with creative ways of handling the unique aspects of my situation that would ultimately get me through the divorce without hitting major roadblocks. There were a couple points where I thought I’d have to wait until I finished some other big task before I would be able to proceed with the next step of the divorce and this could have stalled the process for me. However, Adam was able to present alternate paths to the same end, and ultimately simplify the process with the same results.

Adam was very efficient with the use of time. I feel like we got through the paperwork and proceedings quickly, and comparatively, the cost seemed quite reasonable.

I would highly recommend Adam. Legal situations involving family issues are sensitive matters and I think Adam has that rare ability to combine subjective human compassion with objective competency in his areas of expertise.


Adam represented me through a difficult dissolution and custody case. He put together the road map to achieve our objectives in the case. There were difficulties that came up as the respondent obtained a temporary restraining order, and Adam guided me through having it dismissed. Adam kept our case on track all the way through trial with an outcome that exceeded my expectations. I owe it to Adam seeing the strengths of our case and sticking with our plan. I am appreciative that he genuinely cared about how this case impacted me and my kids. I believe it shows in his work. Thanks!


We hired Adam to represent us during false child abuse allegations made by a hospital. It was a difficult and emotional time for my family and Adam was a compassionate professional who fought hard to clear us of the false allegations. He was extremely responsive and very up front about what we could expect, what we should think about, etc. It was clear that he had much experience in CPS cases and really understood the process. We had our own set of medical experts due to our child's rare medical conditions, but due to them residing outside of WA, local "experts" refused to follow up with them. Adam was pivotal in getting our voices heard and getting our experts heard. I would work with Adam in a heartbeat if we ever needed representation again.