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Start the Next Chapter of Your Life When You're Ready

Even though your relationship didn't work out, you need time to consider your next steps, especially if you have children. The attorneys at The Shapiro Law Group will review the terms of your divorce with you so you and your ex can reach a favorable agreement. You can trust us to make sure you are both comfortable with the terms of your divorce.

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Make your agreement dynamic, not static

Make your agreement dynamic, not static

Your agreement should change with your circumstances. If you need to modify a document, contact The Shapiro Law Group today. Attorney Shapiro can help you change your:

  • Parenting plan. He'll work with you if you need more time to finalize your agreement.
  • Relocation action. If you're moving out of the area, attorney Shapiro will explain how this affects your child custody and visitation rights. This can be for married or unmarried couples.
  • Child support or custody agreement. Attorney Shapiro will amend your arrangement if your financial or living situation has changed.

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