Civil Protection Orders in Seattle, WA

No one should suffer abuse at the hands of another. To stop such abuse, a Washington State civil court judge or commissioner can issue one of a number of different kinds of protection orders to protect a person from physical or emotional abuse at the hands of another. Obtaining a protection order to protect yourself and your children can be a powerful step to securing your safety. In addition, some protection orders can grant one parent temporary custody of minor children and set a temporary visitation schedule, grant possession of essential personal effects or a vehicle, and even order counseling.

Conversely, no one should face false accusations of abuse. A civil protection order is not merely ornamental in nature; it is a serious legal document that has immediate ramifications on a person's legal rights and freedoms. Moreover, once a protection order is in place, even if falsely acquired, its holder has a figurative hammer over the other person's head, and can have that person arrested for violating the protection order based upon the barest allegation that the other person violated of the order. Upon such an allegation, arrest is mandatory under state law. If you have been served with a protection order, it is imperative that you seek experience legal counsel immediately to help you fight the false allegations. It would be a mistake to believe that the court will "see through" the false allegations and refuse to enter the protection order against you.

The attorneys at the Shapiro Law Group strive to protect the safety and the civil rights of our clients and to ascertain the truth in these emotionally charged legal proceedings.

What is a Protection Order?

A protection order is a legally enforceable document issued by a civil court judge or commissioner intended to stop abuse, harassment, stalking, or other types of aggression between persons. There are a number of different kinds of protection orders, and which type of protection order a person needs depends upon the nature of the abuse alleged, the variety of protections required and the jurisdiction of the court that issues the order. The main categories of civil protection orders available in Washington State are domestic violence protection orders, restraining orders and anti-harassment protection orders.

It's extremely important to recognize that once a court issues a protection order, the protected person cannot "permit" you to disobey the order. Only a court can modify or vacate a protection order. Many defendants have been lulled into violating protection orders by the protected party, resulting in arrest and criminal charges.

Violation of a protection order is a serious criminal offense and is punished harshly in Washington State. Depending upon the circumstances of the violation, a person can be charged with either a gross misdemeanor or a felony, and he or she faces a number of penalties, including steep fines, jail time or both.

Protection Orders and Family Law Proceedings

Many times, filing for a protection order is a legal move to protect a spouse or family member from either a single instance or ongoing pattern of abuse. With the Shapiro Law Group, you will have an advocate at your side who will listen to your concerns and give you the support you need to protect yourself and your children. We stay involved throughout the entire process to ensure that the order is properly in place and is enforced if necessary.

While protection orders are a blessing to those threatened by an abuser, unfortunately, sometimes a person files for a protection order merely to gain an advantage in a dissolution proceeding or in a custody or relocation dispute. Courts in Washington generally err on the side of granting protection orders, therefore it is imperative that you retain an experienced attorney as soon as you learn of the false allegations against you so that you can put together your defense in the short time allowed before the full hearing before the commissioner. Our attorneys at the Shapiro Law Group understand the reality of protection orders within a family law setting, and have extensive experience representing clients on both sides of such disputes.

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